Have Flag – Will Travel

“This is the most moving tribute to our National Colors that I’ve seen in years.”
Vietnam War Veteran


FlagBuild3National Sojourners presents a moving tribute to our National Colors in a “Building the Flag” program designed for presentation to schools, civic organizations, fraternal gatherings, and wherever there is a gathering of American Flag loving citizens.

“Thanks for reminding me that there are still true patriots around today.”  Retired Teacher

Flag Builders in ActionUniformed ‘Heroes of ’76®’ dressed in either colonial officer or early American frontier kit show the various iterations of the American flag from the colonial to today, building the flag as the history of our nation is told.  The stories remind us that we are One Nation Under God, of the sacrifices of our ancestors to build this glorious nation, and the documents on which the most unique nation on earth was founded.

“This was an excellent addition to the boys’ understanding of their pledge.”  Scout Master

The Sojourners of Fort Leavenworth Chapter do not charge for their program but gladly accept donations which they use to send area youth to Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.  To send a student costs around $1,000 but is one of the best investments in our future national leadership your gifts can make.

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