i Hop 4 U

For those in-the-know: You already know so I don’t need to tell you. For the rest of us … please take note that the November 3, 2021 stated meeting will take place at iHop, 484 N Main St., Lansing at the unholy hour of 1800 hours. Who puts a meeting in the middle of happy hour? I’m not happy about this. Seriously, this will be a happy affair.

Meanwhile, get up-to-speed by checking out the Meeting Materials before hand. It’s password protected and you won’t remember the password. So, I changed it. There is some Latin in the the Sojourner Medal Lecture. (see your Sojourner Handbook.) Use those words exactly as printed between the quotes.

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July 7 Meeting Nixed

Brother Sojourners: Due to multiple events occurring this same date, the July Sojourners meeting is “deferred“. So, plan on being at the next meeting on Wednesday, August 5, 2021. See you there.

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Lurk Lurk

At a super-secret undisclosed location within the brick and steel of a non-descript building in/near Pullman Place on Wednesday, June 2nd, the elite of the elite of the elite Sojourners gathered to plot a great advancement for the cause of humanity. However, there was a lurker present who remained, as Elmer Fudd would say, “vehwy, vehwy, qweitt”. But we were very glad to have an active duty, Hancock Lodge brother attend and observe. So, instead of carrying the heavy burdens of solving the world’s problems, we discussed how a lurker happened upon our surreptitious socializing and tried to determine how we can get more of the same from the rest of the bros at Hancock.

Meanwhile, we basked in the glow after feeding the 5,000 with 3 fish, 2 loaves of bread, and a 1/4 ton jeep trailer filled with fried chicken. Actually, we served about 35 on a rainy Memorial Day after the Shrine Legion of Honor ceremony. The ceremony was moved to Wyandotte Lodge 3. We should have been at the veteran memorial at Wyandotte Lake but I guess the Lord wasn’t willing and the creek rose.

Looking for the Consent Agenda? You’ll need to poke the Secretary since I did not get one to post this month.

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Never Have So Few

War Memorial at Wyandotte Lake County Park

Never have so few made so many decisions that affected so many. While gathered at the senior citizen cafeteria in Leavenworth, a.k.a. Pullman’s, the core group of 6 Sojourners and 3 Camp Followers laid out plans to feed the masses, appeal to hundreds, and honor millions. Most of the May 5, 2021 plans centered on upcoming Memorial Day activities to be celebrated at Wyandotte Lake County Park. We also enjoyed much levity poking the bear, a.k.a. NSI, and the upcoming June 17-18 convention.

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Lost Element

Trigonometrically-Challenged Sojourner (Heroes of ‘76) Headgear

A squad of six Sojourners found themselves seemingly separated from the main element on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. While foraging, they ran across a small hamlet populated by Italians. The Sojourner element, easily recognizable from their unusual trigonometrically-challenged headgear, enjoyed a gentle repast which included a nice Chianti and fava beans. FfFfFfFtt!

While meditating over the same, they came up with a great idea, “What if we initiated a woman!” The idea fermented into a wild plan that has grown legs. If this detachment ever finds the friendly lines again, they might actually be performing the ritual the first Wednesday of June. They had other crazy ideas that might come to fruition, like giving away a car or something like that. Right about that time, a battalion messenger informed the squad that help was on the way. Aid was declined.

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Operation Ravioli Extended

On an unusually warm early March 3rd day, Fort Leavenworth Chapter once again invaded the Italian peninsula of Leavenworth in force, planted the flag, and opened for business. We met at Luigi’s and enjoyed the banquet room, great food, delicious adult beverages, and excellent camaraderie. If you missed it, we spent your money on National Sojouner propaganda for the National Convention program this summer.

While those gathered made a frontal assault on the excellent food, our President feinted a flank attack that appeared like he was going to open a meeting. Our screen caught this ruse early and the crowd was able to thwart any disruption to ongoing operations. A good time was had by all. Mission success.

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Missin’ Movement – Operation Ravioli

By FRAGO, command and staff moved the camp to an alternate location. Although the “Cardboard Cafe” has served us well, the fact that liver and onions had become the entree of choice tells you that shoe leather was likely to become a consideration of a tastier food choice.

So, our leader, based on reliable intelligence, moved us to a location where scavenging would yield a positive change-of-pace.

The FRAGO was part of Operation Ravioli. We can’t tell you we’re we were (OPSEC), but we can tell you there is no French dressing available. Dinner was fabulous, but the venue was a tad noisy. We will modify our arrangement for the next Operations Brief.

Bro. Henry Knox Merrick gave both a treasury update and a full operations briefing concentrating mostly on Background (historical perspective): The tale two trunks.

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Thought for the Day

Respect would have been better earned had “unity” be espoused over the past four years rather than at inauguration when such a sentiment attempts to marginalize 75 million citizens.

January 20, 2021
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Worth Repeating: What our Founding Fathers Established

It’s time to return to the true federalism and republicanism that our Founding Fathers established.

Dustin Bass

Rarely do I “share” works discoverable on your own, but this article is worth repeating. As an organization whose heroes are those that sacrificed their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the cause of liberty and freedom, we Sunflower Patriots would do well to heed the words by Dustin Bass.
America: A People Again Pushed Toward Revolution, a commentary by Dustin Bass, published by Epoch Times.

The article makes me seriously ponder if I have the same fortitude to maintain our America as those who founded it. At minimum, we need to be able to define and identify the enemies of freedom and liberty, know and prepare the battlefield, amass forces and weapons, and be prepared, as our forefathers were, to sacrifice everything for the cause.

When reading the article, be sure to read the feedback, also. The comments have unusually brilliant insight and are as enlightening as the article itself.

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Training Holiday -> December Meeting Canceled

Holiday Gathering – CANCELED

President Vic has declared a training holiday for Wednesday, December 2, 2020. That means there is no meeting. The restaurant will be there. The wait staff will be there. The cook will be there. But the meeting will not occur there. So, if you go, you’re on your own.

From an official FRAGO dated 30NOV20: “Due to the change in the numbers of COVID cases in the area, I am cancelling the annual Christmas party. I know our brothers in Washington’s Continental Army faced a lot worse and did not back down. However, I will convene a spring meal to celebrate the coming of summer and the end of the pandemic. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless you and our nation.” END OF TRANSMISSION

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