Lost Element

Trigonometrically-Challenged Sojourner (Heroes of ‘76) Headgear

A squad of six Sojourners found themselves seemingly separated from the main element on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. While foraging, they ran across a small hamlet populated by Italians. The Sojourner element, easily recognizable from their unusual trigonometrically-challenged headgear, enjoyed a gentle repast which included a nice Chianti and fava beans. FfFfFfFtt!

While meditating over the same, they came up with a great idea, “What if we initiated a woman!” The idea fermented into a wild plan that has grown legs. If this detachment ever finds the friendly lines again, they might actually be performing the ritual the first Wednesday of June. They had other crazy ideas that might come to fruition, like giving away a car or something like that. Right about that time, a battalion messenger informed the squad that help was on the way. Aid was declined.

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