Worth Repeating: What our Founding Fathers Established

It’s time to return to the true federalism and republicanism that our Founding Fathers established.

Dustin Bass

Rarely do I “share” works discoverable on your own, but this article is worth repeating. As an organization whose heroes are those that sacrificed their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the cause of liberty and freedom, we Sunflower Patriots would do well to heed the words by Dustin Bass.
America: A People Again Pushed Toward Revolution, a commentary by Dustin Bass, published by Epoch Times.

The article makes me seriously ponder if I have the same fortitude to maintain our America as those who founded it. At minimum, we need to be able to define and identify the enemies of freedom and liberty, know and prepare the battlefield, amass forces and weapons, and be prepared, as our forefathers were, to sacrifice everything for the cause.

When reading the article, be sure to read the feedback, also. The comments have unusually brilliant insight and are as enlightening as the article itself.

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