Missin’ Movement – Operation Ravioli

By FRAGO, command and staff moved the camp to an alternate location. Although the “Cardboard Cafe” has served us well, the fact that liver and onions had become the entree of choice tells you that shoe leather was likely to become a consideration of a tastier food choice.

So, our leader, based on reliable intelligence, moved us to a location where scavenging would yield a positive change-of-pace.

The FRAGO was part of Operation Ravioli. We can’t tell you we’re we were (OPSEC), but we can tell you there is no French dressing available. Dinner was fabulous, but the venue was a tad noisy. We will modify our arrangement for the next Operations Brief.

Bro. Henry Knox Merrick gave both a treasury update and a full operations briefing concentrating mostly on Background (historical perspective): The tale two trunks.

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