Fabulous February – Furry Feast

It’s a short month and the first Wednesday arrived quickly (Feb 1st!), the day before Groundhog Day.  Rather than wait for the rodent to predict gloom and doom for the next six weeks, Brother WhistlePhigg took the initiative to yank the woodchuck from his burrow and make him part of the evening’s repast.  BBQ marmot went well with the fricasseed spotted owl and the clubbed seal bacon.  As always, a great meal.

Business of the hour included Flag Building reports, Americanism Essay offering at Patton Jr High, the indecorous dressing down of our officers by the National Commander at our October encampment, and Color Guard for Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge, all of which was quickly adjudicated and properly disposed.  Prayers were offered for Brothers McAfee, Patterson, and Cook, and their ladies.  Concerns were raised for absent Brothers Henke, Merrick, LaPreze, Weilemann, and Larson.

Oh, and since there was no ‘dirt weasel’ to make prognostications, there was no shadow.  Therefore, spring will arrive six weeks early.  You’re welcome.

Next Sojourners meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at the Cafe, Abernathy Building, 1102 N 2nd St., Leavenworth, KS. Gather at 6:00 pm, Dinner at 6:30 pm, Meeting at 7:00 pm. Brothers, you are encouraged to bring your lady. Meetings are usually over well before 8 pm.   Dinner is $10 per person. Please let Brother Dick know you are coming so we have a meal ready for you. But, please, if you say you are coming, come. You are obligated to pay for the meal whether you show or not. Bring $US cash. The Cafe does not accept devil’s dollars (i.e. Euros).

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