May: The (Armed) Force be With You

On a picture perfect day in May, Fort Leavenworth Chapter No 154 gathered for barbecue along the Missouri River. A prominently perched pork over pitted petroleum roasted old Porky to perfection. As the saying goes, “It ain’t bbq unless you get some on ya.” After we consumed everything from apples to zucchini, a meeting broke out and we accidentally conducted a lot of business to further our aims and ideals of Americanism and Patriotism.
Flag Builders in Action

Lots of Flag Building events were placed on our schedule so all Heroes of ’76(R) are requested to contact Brother Richard and sign up for whatever fits in your schedule.
We also talked about giving lots of monetary prizes to students who participated in our Essay Contest and possibly sending a student to Valley Forge in July for the Spirit of America Youth Leadership Program. We need to do more outstanding Flag Building programs so we can accept more gifts toward these student-enhancing endeavors.

Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at the Cafe, Abernathy Building, 1102 N 2nd St., Leavenworth, KS. Gather at 6:00 pm, Dinner at 6:30 pm, Meeting at 7:00 pm. Brothers, you are encouraged to bring your lady. Meetings are usually over well before 8 pm.

Dinner is $10 per person. Please let Brother Dick know you are coming so we have a meal ready for you. But, please, if you say you are coming, come. You are obligated to pay for the meal whether you show or not. Bring $US cash. The Cafe does not accept devil’s dollars (i.e. Euros).

At our next meeting, Rossie Best will show us how to cut flag stars with two snips of the scissors and sew a complete American Flag with only 63 stitches.

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