In-Flight Missile Repairman to Speak

Next dinner-meeting:  Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fort Leavenworth Chapter #154, National Sojouners, Inc. will assemble in the Midwest equivalent to Gasby’s Tavern, our old familiar dining hall of Boughton Memorial Hall, 313 Kearney Avenue, Fort Leavenworth, KS.

Dinner catered by Santa Fe Depot.  Cost per person is $10 Continental, £20 British, or €50 if you bring the Devil’s dollars.  If you want to eat, please RSVP to Brother Wright, Secretary, by Sunday preceding the meeting.

Brother Heinrich Schmedlap will deliver a presentation on his experience as an in-flight missile repairman. A Cold War warrior, Bro. Schmedlap can recount several successful flights on Honest John. In an excerpt from his book, he says, “Take-offs were exciting but those landings were a bugger!” How he survived even one flight is a mystery which we hope will be revealed to us. While ascertaining whether he kept up with the technology, he was asked if he knew about IEDs. His response, “If more folks used ‘em, we’d have a lot less unwanted kids.”

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