Sojourners On The Move (Again)

Our secret meeting random location selector has landed on Booker Cafe down by the Missouri River near the Centennial Bridge.  The meeting will be Wednesday, 01JUL15.  Remember, this is a secret meeting so don’t tell anyone.  This will help my chances at winning the vehicle, general purpose (pronounced JEEP) that the chapter is giving away.  Chances are a buck a peice.  Come without your name tag and you take your chances.

We’ll gather at 1800 hoursand dinner will begin at 1830 hours.  Meeting at 1900 hours, give or take.  Bring your continental currency because we don’t take British pounds or the Devil’s dollars a.k.a. Euros.

Guest speaker is retired Admiral Swifty Bottomoffle, former riverboat commander, who will demonstrate the fine art of water skiing behind a PT boat while the river is near flood level.


Secret Stuff. During our last meeting, we went to DEFCOM 4, Super Top Secret, NOFORN, Double-Secret Probation, with full Cone of Silence deployment and discussed things that would set your hair on fire. You miss a meeting and you miss a lot. Make sure you’re at the next one or you’ll be a TOOFIS (Totally Out Of fully Informed Sojourning).

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