Kissing Booth Coming

 Sojourners will NOT want to miss this one.  Miss Roxie will be the featured kisser at our February 3, 2016 Valentine’s Month dinner-meeting.  ‘Girder’, the man with lips of steel, will also be available for the ladies.  (We couldn’t get The Rock).

Dinner will be at The Cafe, Abernathy Building, 1102 N 2nd St., Leavenworth, KS.  Gather at 6:00 pm, Dinner at 6:30 pm,  Meeting at 7:00 pm.  Brothers, you are encouraged to bring your lady.  Meetings are usually over well before 8 pm.

Dinner is $10 per person.   Please let Brother Dick know you are coming so we have a meal ready for you.  But, please, if you say you are coming come.  You are obligated to pay for the meal whether you show or not.  Bring $US cash.  The Cafe does not accept devil’s dollars (i.e. Euros).

At the January 6th meeting, petitions were read for the not so mysterious rites of Sojourners.  Both were unanimously elected by not so secret ballot.  Initiations will be in March.  Bro. Jim Lasher was presented his Past President’s bar for his year(s) serving as a successful. Chapter President.

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