Turkey Shoot a Success

The November 2015 meeting of Fort Leavenworth Chapter #154 included a turkey shoot in preparation for Thansksgiving. Using official black powder muskets from the Colonial era, the turkeys were knocked down like bowling pins.  Our Camp Followers had the birds de-feathered and in the pot in record time.  We had a feast!  Brother William MacAnee remarked, ” These were the easiest turkeys to hunt.  Maybe next year, we will try the non-frozen ones.”

Brothers, we have lots of Sojourners activities coming up.  Our Flag Building schedule is full as is our social schedule.

Our (next) dinner-meeting is our pre-Christmas get-together and will be held Wednesday, December 2nd.  Gather at 1800 and dinner at 1830.  Let our Secretary know you are coming.  We’ll be at Mama Mia’s, 402 S 20th Street, Leavenworth, KS.   We’ll be ordering off the menu and you’re on your own when the bill comes.  They may take American Express but they don’t take the devil’s dollars (a.k.a. Euros). Click on the Mama Mia logo below to see their menu.

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