Spirit of America is Live in our Youth in 2020

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Young Socialist Indoctrination Centers, a.k.a. Public Schools, may teach children what to think instead of how to think, yet there are still plenty of youth out there who can discern that the United States of America is still the best form of self-government in the world when tempered with self-control, self-reliance, and self-responsibility. These are the youth that we are seeking to attend the Spirit of America Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) at Freedom’s Foundation at Valley Forge in July 2020.

Vic’s Buster Browns

At our January 8 meeting of the local Sojourners chapter, El Presidenté Brother Vic rallied the packed assemblage to fund a scholarship for one area youth to attend the YLC in 2020. That is over a $1,000 commitment for our small band of brothers. As Bro. Vic explained, “Voluntary contributions from Our Building the Flag program will not cover the cost. We simply do not have enough opportunities each year to provide the number of programs to raise that kind of capital.” So, he recommended that we each grab a shoe shine kit and hit the Leavenworth streets. A quick survey of footwear in the room revealed that the only shine-able pair of shoes were Vic’s classic Buster Browns. No worries. If we get a top-notch youth to apply, we’ll find the money. We’ll likely resurrect the Lodge of Military Tribute as a fund-raising Masonic Education program for area lodges.

Note to Leavenworth Area Youth: If you are interested in attending the YLC in July, please check back here next month for the brochure and application form. We will post them as soon as they are made available.

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